Guava Jelly

I found this recipe from last year and can’t believe I never posted it.  I made it as part of my Christmas gifts and everyone who tried it loved it, so it must have been the flurry of the holidays that distracted me from getting it up here.  There is no better time than now to get started because this is the season of guavas. Last year at this time one of my professors would bring big bags of green guavas to class and pawn them off on all... Read More

Parsnip Muffins and Blood Orange Mimosas

I rarely follow recipes word for word.  I’ve been toying around with the proportions in this Whole Wheat Apple Muffin recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but with everything except apples.  I tried them with blueberries, pear, and now, shredded parsnip.  I got the idea for from a very gingery parsnip cupcake I had at Four Cafe.  I bulked up these muffins with some extra ground flax seed, as well as fresh and ground ginger. I made them with some... Read More

in season: oranges!

for some reason i always thought that oranges were a summer fruit, but much to my surprise they are at the peak of their season right now!  i haven’t gone this bonkers over a harvest since july when the juicy white donut peaches were like nothing i had ever tasted.  like the peaches, i have been toting home upwards of ten pounds of these seedless mandarin oranges every week.  mostly i enjoy squeezing them into a tall glass of the best orange... Read More