Natural Coconut Cacao Truffles

This recipe originally started as these very simple coconut bars, but I can rarely resist the chance to add chocolate to a dessert.  Especially fresh cacao nibs, which are the purest and least processed form of chocolate there is.   To sweeten I used dates, which makes them even more wholesome and compliments the flavors really well. With just a food processor and just a few ingredients, these healthy treats come together really quickly, so make... Read More

maca cinnamon truffles for valentine’s day

when i think valentines day, i think chocolate.  it’s inevitable.  if you have someone to share the day with you spend it feeding each other decadent chocolate treats all day. if you don’t you try to forget by treating yourself with as much chocolate as you can possibly eat. ever since my local grocery store started carrying organic, dairy-free chocolate chips, i’ve been on a real chocolate kick.  i started dreaming about making... Read More