Tomato and Fresh Dill Vegan Omelet

Breakfast can be one of the toughest meals of the day for a vegan.  Sure you can do a piece of fruit, a cup of coffee, or even a smoothie, but most of the filling, and tasty, morning-time meals are laden with eggs, cheese, and meat.  Luckily, I recently realized that making an animal-free version of a breakfast favorite, the omelet, is a lot easier than I thought. Like in the spinach asparagus quiche I made a while back, all you need to imitate... Read More

Sweet Potato Latkes with Vegan Sour Cream

I know I’ve been going all out with Christmas cookies this month, but the time has come to celebrate the other delicacies of the season.  Though i’m not Jewish I can definitely appreciate a good latke when I taste one.  Here, I toyed around with the recipe to come up with a not-so-traditional version of a holiday classic. Traditional latkes, while delicious, can be somewhat dull, I substituted beautifully colored sweet potatoes... Read More

spinach asparagus quiche

when i bought a bunch of baby asparagus at the farmers’ market last week, i started brainstorming how i would cook it.  for some reason the idea of an “asparagus pie” popped into my head, and when i started to think of what that would mean it became clear it would be a quiche. quiches are easier to make vegan than you would think.  with a little bit of blended silken tofu for texture, liquid aminos and nutritional yeast for taste,... Read More

peanut tofu stir fry

tofu is a wonder food for vegans and vegetarians alike.  it often gets a bad rap for being bland or tasteless, a misconception perpetuated by restaurants that serve up soggy, flavorless blocks that just makes my taste buds sad.  if you marinade tofu correctly and cook it in just the right way, it can be super tasty.  toss a few fresh veggies in and you’ve got yourself quite a meal. Read More  Read More