chocolate ganache tart with bacon fat shortbread crust

we had some people over for a big breakfast for dinner, and ended up frying two big packs of bacon.  i saved the fat because i had seen so many bacon fat recipes online, i was anxious to try one out.  people use it in caramels, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies – basically anything sweet that also tastes delicious contrasted with a little salt. i had also been wanting to replicate a very tasty dessert from four cafe in eagle rock, which... Read More

Rainier Cherry and Goat Cheese Tart – for Slack Lust

The wonderful people over at Slack Lust have featured a recipe of mine for their most recent issue!  Check out my recipe for Rainier Cherry and Goat Cheese Tart (otherwise known as “Tarty for the Party”) for their Real Housewives theme this month.  Read More

pluot cobbler tart

people think tarts are so fancy, so european.  but in reality, all you need to make one is the pan.  the crust that you press into it isn’t far off from that of a pie and the filling is much simpler – just dice up fresh fruit, arrange it in concentric circles and voilà!  you have yourself a certified fancy dessert and like the pizza i made a few weeks ago, this treat just happens to be gluten-free.  i used ground cashews and oats... Read More