veggie pot pie

i used to be obsessed with chicken pot pies when i was younger, the small microwavable kind.  now that i’m all grown up and can make them for myself, i prefer to enjoy a slice of a full-sized pie, piled high with tasty veggies in a savory gravy sauce, surrounded by a crispy homemade crust with spices baked right in.  i packed this dish with lots of rich, deep, savory flavors – from cumin, black pepper, liquid aminos and a bit of red... Read More

bbq lentil and baked sweet potato soup

soup is hands down my favorite food, so i’m always coming up with new ways to brew up a pot of something tasty.  i used to be big on puréed soups, but lately – perhaps out of sheer laziness – i tend to prefer something chunkier.  whenever i get a chance i bake a few sweet potatoes and set them aside for later.  when they cool they are easy to peel and toss the chunks into a hardy stew. paired with lentils and subtle hints of... Read More

Vegan Cookie-Crusted Sweet Potatoes

I got a bit caught up, as is expected of foodies on the most culinary-centric day of the year, and I didn’t find the time to post this recipe.  But luckily, these would be great for christmas too, any time of the year really! The topic of sweet potatoes vs. yams has come up many times in the comment section and it’s something I should finally address.  I get orange-fleshed, brown-skinned tubers from the farmers I work for at the... Read More

lentil and sweet potato sushi

when people find out that i don’t eat meat, i’ve often been asked “even fish?” and my response is always “especially fish.” with overfishing one of the biggest threats to the environment, mercury levels through the roof, not to mention that crunch of tiny bone you occasionally get in your tuna fish sandwich, i don’t see any reasons why i should eat fish at all. though, i must say i miss sushi. if done right... Read More