Molasses Longan Granola

I love to use molasses because it is one of the healthier sweeteners.  A byproduct of making refined sugar, it contains concentrated nutrients from sugarcane such as Iron, Manganese, Copper, Magnesium and Potassium.  The molasses pairs wonderfully with the longan, which is an asian fruit and a Chinese herb that is very good at calming the spirit by augmenting blood. In Chinese Medicine, the heart is said to be both the commander of blood and the... Read More

Parmesan Sunchoke Fries with Chimichurri Sauce

Once summer has officially wound down and the fall produce begins to roll into the farmers’ market, I fondly anticipate the sunchoke’s return.  Also known as a jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, or my favorite name, earth apple, this root veggie belongs to the sunflower family.  The roots grow all summer long while the flowers flourish up top, making roots ready for digging up in the fall. They are most similar in taste and texture to a... Read More

Fried Okra with Aleppo Pepper

I tried my hand at cooking okra two summers ago with great success when I made this Super Simple Okra and Miso Marinara over Soba Noodles.  But I kept hearing that fried okra is one of the tastiest ways to prepare this veggie, which often gets a bad rap for being slimy and strange, but it doesn’t have to be! I started off with a light breading of mostly garbanzo bean flour and some aleppo pepper for taste, which is an amazingly flavorful... Read More

Mixed Stone Fruit Salsa

We are at the very peak of stone fruit season.  Apricots have been around for a while, peaches are just now getting good, and cherries are the sweetest they can be right this very second!  For these few weeks of the year we can see nectarines, pluots, and apriums next to white, yellow and doughnut peaches, alongside baskets of red and rainier cherries.  So I gather them all up while I can! I often think of baking them into tarts, pies or cakes,... Read More

sweet and salty seedy nut bars

sometimes inspiration will carry me to the kitchen to bake something, but when i open the cupboards the ingredients are dismal.  i wanted to make granola bars but as i eyed the most discouraging amount of oats i had ever encountered, i thought it might not happen.  just then i spied small amounts of different seeds and nuts all over the cupboard, so instead of sulking away empty-handed, i got a little creative. i toasted them all up in a dry frying... Read More

toasted sesame sticks

my latest vice is oriental snack mixes.  i could eat a whole bag in one sitting, what with the crispy rice crackers, wasabi peas and – my favorite – the toasty tasting sesame sticks.  i love the stuff so much i decided to try my hand at making them myself. and it’s easier then i thought.  a simple combination of flour, spices, sesame seeds, oil and water, toasted for a few minutes in the oven and enjoyed in copious amounts.  great... Read More

Yam and Asian Pear Sauce

Last year I made Homemade Pumpkin Applesauce, a real Autumn favorite.  Packed with cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar, it was a decadent traditional treat made fresh with organic ingredients.  But i’m on a low sugar kick lately and wanted to make a much lighter version. Instead of brown sugar, I sweetened it with the fresh juice of fuji apples, the first of the season.  Since Asian pears and yams are in abundance at the farmers’... Read More

raw maple flax granola

my dad bought a dehydrator many years back, probably after being convinced by an infomercial that making his own jerky would change his life.  but several years later it ended up sitting in the cabinet unused, along side the super slicer and turbo cooker.  being that i was in the market for a good dehydrator the past few years, for preserving fruit and making my own raw food treats, i happily accepted it as my mom did some spring cleaning. and... Read More

homemade pumpkin applesauce

i’ve been wanting to make my own apple sauce ever since i made those delicious sweet potato latkes and vegan sour cream but ended up using plain old store-bought apple sauce. luckily, when i went home for christmas, my mom gave me my great grandmother’s apple sauce maker.  the thing must be at least 90 years old! i decided to add some pumpkin in with the apples to create a sort of hybrid of pumpkin butter and apple sauce.  it’s... Read More

Homemade Popcorn

When I go to the movies I drool over the smell of fresh popped popcorn, but I can’t eat it all slathered gross butter sauce and most corn is GMO anyhow.  I prefer to pop some myself, season it to my liking, and sneak it in the theater myself.  It also comes in handy when I’m at home enjoying a dvd and want a good movie snack to munch on.   Homemade Popcorn 2 tbsp oil that is safe at high temperatures, like coconut 1/2 c dried... Read More

Baked Curry Sweet Potato Fries

Fries are one of my biggest weaknesses.  I could heat up a pot of oil and fry some myself, but baking them is a lot easier and way less greasy and messy. Plus, I find it way easier to season them before popping them in the oven rather than after they are covered in scalding hot oil.  I chose curry, which is a combination of turmeric, coriander, and cumin, because of its pleasant and mildly spicy flavor.   Baked Curry Sweet Potato Fries 1/2... Read More

Vegan Garlic Knots

Ever since my bout with a chest cold earlier this week I have been majorly craving garlic, and there’s a good reason why. Garlic is a natural antibiotic.  After a few days of having whatever bug I caught floating around in my system, my body told my brain that I needed something to kill it off.  I quickly responded by eating lots and lots of garlic, sometimes 2-3 heads per day.  I’m feeling much better, and these garlic knots are... Read More

Extra Seedy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Chia was a staple of the ancient Aztec diet. I remember trying it at an anthropology museum in middle school, we put out our hands and they dropped a few tiny little seeds in our palms.  They didn’t taste much like anything but remember they puffed up with a gel-like substance when you let them sit on your tongue for a minute.  We were told the Aztecs ate them because you only need a little bit to get full since they absorb water and expand... Read More