Paleo Cacao Shake

I thought to call this a chocolate protein shake, but I really hate when recipes add protein in the title because it usually means it has a large amount of artificial protein powder. Here all the protein is from natural sources like spinach, egg, avocado, and raw cacao, so it digests easily and is plenty to get you going before a vigorous workout. Then I thought to call this a breakfast shake because I love to enjoy it in the morning, but this recipe... Read More

nutritious and delicious mango kale smoothie

i use to work at a smoothie bar, where i learned of the many things you can blend and/or juice into a drink.  you can blend whole lemons and limes, an avocado with the pit and pretty much any green leafy vegetable you can get your hands on. if done right a smoothie can be like enjoying an entire meal through a straw. Read More  Read More