Homemade Butter

If you have never had homemade butter then you are in for a real treat.  Homemade butter is softer, sweeter, moister and downright tastier than its store bought counterparts.  Plus you can control exactly how much salt you add, and it’s an added bonus that people will be very impressed that you made your own butter. If you think butter is bad for you then think again!  As long as it comes from grassfed cows and is minimally processed (raw... Read More

Making Clabber and Whey from Raw Milk

What on earth is clabber?  And why would I want to make it out of raw milk? Well if you read my post from last month about why I choose raw dairy you already know the nutritional and digestive benefits that raw milk has over its pasteurized and homogenized counterpart.  But did you know that in addition to these benefits, raw milk also behaves very different as it ages?  While pasteurized milk goes rancid with time, raw milk actually sours and... Read More

5 of the Biggest Nutrition Myths

I think nutrition should be a simple thing, eat good food and live well because of it.  So it truly is a shame that there is so much confusion surrounding what we eat.  In this era of over-thinking it is more important than ever that we let go of the outdated notions that no longer serve us. Over the years I have worked in laboratories, vitamin stores, restaurants, juice bars, acupuncture clinics and herbal pharmacies, my chemist parents even used... Read More

Paleo Chocolate Coconut Cups

I know that paleo has been a big buzz word lately, but regardless of how trendy it may seem the paleo diet for the most part advocates eating the types of whole foods I enjoy anyway.  With trying to avoid high glycemic foods like processed sugars and starches, I have found myself searching Pinterest for paleo dessert recipes I can try out on the weekends when I’m feeling like a treat.  This recipe originally started with me finding a recipe... Read More

3 Simple Steps to Making Raw Nut, Seed or Grain Milk

Soak: at least 7 hours in filtered water with 3/4th teaspoon of sea salt per cup of nuts/seeds or 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per cup of grains, strain and rinse away the soaking water Blend: on high with fresh water at least 2 minutes in a blender or food processor Strain: through a fine sieve and enjoy! I have used this technique to make milk alternatives from almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, buckwheat, oat... Read More

Green Zebra Gazpacho

The green zebra is an interesting variety.  They are grouped in with the other heirloom tomatoes but they are actually a hybrid of two different heirlooms.  Heirloom technically means that the seeds come from pure strains (in other words, they have not been crossed with another variety) so by crossing two heirlooms it actually yields a non-heirloom.  Does that make sense?  It doesn’t really matter anyhow, all you need to know is that these... Read More

Raw Buckwheat Hot Chocolate

You’re probably asking yourself how it can be both raw and hot at the same time?  Without actually cooking, if blended on high for a few minutes anything will warm up.  It’s a tip often used by raw foodists to make raw soups or beverages more appetizing. After a few minutes of blending the combination of fresh homemade buckwheat milk, raw cacao powder, and agave syrup gather a froth just like real hot chocolate.  This treat is much... Read More

Grape Lemonade

This drink remedies two problems I have with processed grape drinks.  First, I think grape flavoring is gross, tasting nothing like natural goodness of grape juice because the “grape flavor” is simply a chemical compound that is synthesized in a laboratory. Secondly, most drinks you buy in a supermarket are loaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which can give you a sugar rush and subsequent sugar coma like nothing else.  I... Read More

raw maple flax granola

my dad bought a dehydrator many years back, probably after being convinced by an infomercial that making his own jerky would change his life.  but several years later it ended up sitting in the cabinet unused, along side the super slicer and turbo cooker.  being that i was in the market for a good dehydrator the past few years, for preserving fruit and making my own raw food treats, i happily accepted it as my mom did some spring cleaning. and... Read More

a raw oat breakfast for two

i’ve been working at my local juice bar for a few months now where we make all the milk for our smoothies fresh daily.  we make coconut milk by blending the meat and the water – we make almond, oat and buckwheat milks by simply soaking, blending and straining the grains or nuts. the pulp that’s left over after straining is a shame to throw away as it’s just as nutritious as the milk but is loaded with all the fiber. as such,... Read More

Fresh Cucumber and Cilantro Dip – Raw, Vegan, and/or Paleo

It’s officially spring.  Increased sunlight and higher temperatures allow for better digestion, so my body is naturally seeking fresh fruits and vegetables to detox from a winter of eating slow cooked stews and starchy sweets. I’ve been searching for simple and refreshing recipes and this one is a definite winner.  The cucumbers, cilantro, and lemon juice give it a light, fresh, cool flavor, while the avocado keeps it creamy. If you... Read More

raw seaweed salad

there’s not too much to wakame seaweed.  it’s a little salty, has a subtly sweet flavor, and contains small amounts of fiber, iron and calcium.  but what makes it special is the presence of a compound called fucoxanthin, which has been associated with helping to burn fatty tissue. you can get a big bag of dried wakame super cheap in china town (i found mine for $2.19) and use it in salads, soups, or even just with rice.  for this recipe... Read More

raw cinnamon sunflower seed milk

you can make milk out of nearly any seed or nut. i decided to use sunflower seeds for this recipe, but you can use almonds, cashews, oats, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, rice or buckwheat – it just requires a little soaking, blending and straining. the result might not taste exactly like milk but makes a good substitute for the lactose intolerant, soy intolerant, raw foodist or those with nut allergies alike. Read More  Read More

raw strawberry mango chia pudding

there are several ways to make raw vegan pudding.  i wrote about making chocolate pudding with avocados, you can use coconut meat, or – as i did here – you can use chia seeds, which puff up and become gel-like with water. add any kind of fruit you’d like, i’ve used a pleasant blend of strawberry and mango, sweetened with a touch of maple syrup. Read More  Read More

avocado, passion fruit and pomegranate salad

avocados, passion fruits and pomegranates have a lot in common.  they all hide delicious fruit away behind tough, inedible skins and you can get them all fresh at the farmers’ market right now. Read More  Read More