sweet and salty seedy nut bars

sometimes inspiration will carry me to the kitchen to bake something, but when i open the cupboards the ingredients are dismal.  i wanted to make granola bars but as i eyed the most discouraging amount of oats i had ever encountered, i thought it might not happen.  just then i spied small amounts of different seeds and nuts all over the cupboard, so instead of sulking away empty-handed, i got a little creative. i toasted them all up in a dry frying... Read More

Quinoa and Persian Cucumber Salad with Spicy Mint Sauce

This salad celebrates both the cool and the spicy, the juiciness of the cucumbers and the cool mint taste help to defuse the sharp bite of the jalepeno, creating a broad taste profile that is intriguing to the taste buds. Because quinoa is a fluffy high-protein grain and cucumbers are light and crunchy, this dish is both filling and light. It makes the perfect snack or accompaniment to any meal.   Quinoa and Cucumber Salad 1/2 dried quinoa 1... Read More

Kidney Bean and Quinoa Burgers

Why buy overpriced frozen veggie burgers when you can make them at home on the cheap?  All you need is some beans, grains, and a little starch to hold it together and you have quite the tasty vegan patty.  You could even get creative by adding vegetables like sweet potatoes, corn, or zucchini. This is a pretty simple recipe, I seasoned it mostly with cumin for a zesty flavor, but feel free to experiment with your own mélange, garlic, cayenne,... Read More

red quinoa tabouli

tabouli is a pretty simple parsley salad, usually made with bulgur wheat, but you can really make it with nearly other grain. i like to use quinoa in recipes because it’s really high in protein, and the red kind makes it a lot more colorful. Read More  Read More