Paleo Chocolate Bark

Dark chocolate is one of the best paleo ingredients, it makes everything taste better.  It seems you can really pantry dive or raid the fridge for whatever ingredients you have on hand and as long as you have chocolate to hold them all together, you’re good.  So this recipe is really just a jumping off point. I could imagine this same technique but topped with cashews, cayenne pepper and dried mango. Or what about cacao nibs with dried strawberries... Read More

daikon coleslaw

daikon is a mild japanese radish. for a radish it’s pretty huge–usually at least a foot long and about 3 inches wide–and way less spicy. it almost reminds me of jicama but a tad less sweet. i like to use it in salads, either julienned or shredded, to add a little freshness. it’s especially refreshing in the summer when your taste buds crave something to cool you down. so i whipped up this little dish, and added some seeds... Read More