peanut tofu stir fry

tofu is a wonder food for vegans and vegetarians alike.  it often gets a bad rap for being bland or tasteless, a misconception perpetuated by restaurants that serve up soggy, flavorless blocks that just makes my taste buds sad.  if you marinade tofu correctly and cook it in just the right way, it can be super tasty.  toss a few fresh veggies in and you’ve got yourself quite a meal. Read More  Read More

peanut butter banana bread

with most fruits and vegetables, it’s a sad time when they start to get too brown or soft to eat.  but when that happens to bananas it means i get to make banana bread! Read More  Read More

steamed kale salad with curry peanut dressing

i love kale. it’s tasty and good for you. like many dark, green, leafy vegetables it’s high in vitamin A. but because A is a fat soluble vitamin our bodies cannot absorb it if we don’t eat it with some type of fat. that’s why i like to eat my kale in a tasty salad with flax or olive oil. or with any nut will do, especially peanuts. throw some curry in the mix and you’ve got yourself a really kick ass kale salad. Read... Read More