chocolate peanut butter fudge

as part of my chocolate kick i’ve been experimenting with a lot of types of vegan fudge.  it’s really quite simple to vegan-ize fudge as long as you have both a dairy-free butter/margarine substitute and a dairy-free chocolate.  all it takes some light melting, sifting and stirring to create a sweet concoction no one would ever guess is vegan. while fudge can be nearly any flavor it most often involves chocolate.  i decided to make... Read More

peanut tofu stir fry

tofu is a wonder food for vegans and vegetarians alike.  it often gets a bad rap for being bland or tasteless, a misconception perpetuated by restaurants that serve up soggy, flavorless blocks that just makes my taste buds sad.  if you marinade tofu correctly and cook it in just the right way, it can be super tasty.  toss a few fresh veggies in and you’ve got yourself quite a meal. Read More  Read More

peanut butter banana bread

with most fruits and vegetables, it’s a sad time when they start to get too brown or soft to eat.  but when that happens to bananas it means i get to make banana bread! Read More  Read More

Extra Seedy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Chia was a staple of the ancient Aztec diet. I remember trying it at an anthropology museum in middle school, we put out our hands and they dropped a few tiny little seeds in our palms.  They didn’t taste much like anything but remember they puffed up with a gel-like substance when you let them sit on your tongue for a minute.  We were told the Aztecs ate them because you only need a little bit to get full since they absorb water and expand... Read More