Spring Fruit and Rosemary Oat Cobbler – On The Grill

Happy Memorial Day!  This recipe would be perfect if you’re celebrating today around the barbecue. After the winter, which is the season of lots and lots…and lots of oranges (maybe a few apples or pears) even once the weather warms up it takes a while for the good fruit to start coming back.  But when it does, the cherries and peaches can bring seriously tears to my eyes.  Even the first ones of the season are sweet and juicy and smile-inducing.... Read More

coconut and oat pancakes

i’ve been eying this recipe by orangette for a while now, and finally attempted something similar.  instead of buttermilk to soak the oats in i knew i could use thick and slightly sweet coconut milk, so i tossed in a little shredded coconut while i was at it.  it all soaks in the fridge for a few hours, which makes the oats swell up and get incredibly soft, sticky and chewy. instead of egg, the vegan baking standard of flax eggs hold up quite... Read More

sweet and salty seedy nut bars

sometimes inspiration will carry me to the kitchen to bake something, but when i open the cupboards the ingredients are dismal.  i wanted to make granola bars but as i eyed the most discouraging amount of oats i had ever encountered, i thought it might not happen.  just then i spied small amounts of different seeds and nuts all over the cupboard, so instead of sulking away empty-handed, i got a little creative. i toasted them all up in a dry frying... Read More

pluot cobbler tart

people think tarts are so fancy, so european.  but in reality, all you need to make one is the pan.  the crust that you press into it isn’t far off from that of a pie and the filling is much simpler – just dice up fresh fruit, arrange it in concentric circles and voilà!  you have yourself a certified fancy dessert and like the pizza i made a few weeks ago, this treat just happens to be gluten-free.  i used ground cashews and oats... Read More

raw maple flax granola

my dad bought a dehydrator many years back, probably after being convinced by an infomercial that making his own jerky would change his life.  but several years later it ended up sitting in the cabinet unused, along side the super slicer and turbo cooker.  being that i was in the market for a good dehydrator the past few years, for preserving fruit and making my own raw food treats, i happily accepted it as my mom did some spring cleaning. and... Read More

a raw oat breakfast for two

i’ve been working at my local juice bar for a few months now where we make all the milk for our smoothies fresh daily.  we make coconut milk by blending the meat and the water – we make almond, oat and buckwheat milks by simply soaking, blending and straining the grains or nuts. the pulp that’s left over after straining is a shame to throw away as it’s just as nutritious as the milk but is loaded with all the fiber. as such,... Read More

all-oat crackers

i’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for gluten-free recipes. most of the veggie dishes i post are in fact gluten-free, but greens and soups aren’t in high demand from the gluten-free crowd. someone who is gluten sensitive really wants to enjoy all of the things flour addicts enjoy everyday – breads, cookies, baked goods, and in this case, crackers. i first got turned onto making my own crackers by smitten kitchen‘s... Read More

green tea almond cookies

i used to throw a lot of tea parties.  i would get a few girls in sun dresses together and ask everyone to bring a dish.  i’d  brew up some tea and lemonade, throw some table cloths on tables in my front yard, and from there the parties seemed to takes care of themselves! it’s been a while since i threw such a shindig, but making these cookies made me yearn for one.  if you plan on throwing a tea party anytime soon, these little treats... Read More

dill mushroom soup

i used to work at a restaurant where i cooked panini.  for the vegetarian sandwiches we would grill up slices of portobello with just a little olive oil, some garlic, rosemary and dill.  it smelled so amazing it would catch people’s attention all the way out on the street. as a result, i can’t resist throwing in those flavors nearly every time i cook mushrooms.  i’ve used them here in a rich and savory soup guaranteed... Read More

Persimmon Aat Muffins

Persimmons are so adorable.  They look like tiny little pumpkins, except they are tender and sweet. They have a unique, some would say unpalatable, taste if eaten when not ripe enough, but they are irresistible when baked into treats or dried. They are most definitely in season right now so you can find them at the farmers’ market or even in some grocery stores.   Persimmon Oat Muffins 1 c soy milk 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp almond... Read More

the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie

i picked up a few useful tips as to making a good cookie from years of reading my mom’s betty crocker cookbooks. there are little tricks you learn to maintain ideal consistency, and getting the timing just right takes practice. but of course a great recipe is key. my favorite is the urban legend cookie, and it is superb! truly the ideal chocolate chip cookie. i think it’s because it uses part oat flour, which gives the cookie a chewy... Read More

Extra Seedy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Chia was a staple of the ancient Aztec diet. I remember trying it at an anthropology museum in middle school, we put out our hands and they dropped a few tiny little seeds in our palms.  They didn’t taste much like anything but remember they puffed up with a gel-like substance when you let them sit on your tongue for a minute.  We were told the Aztecs ate them because you only need a little bit to get full since they absorb water and expand... Read More