Cranberry Persimmon Chutney

I recently took a short trip up to Solvang for the weekend and found it just lovely.  They have an abundance of good food and wine for such a small town, and one of my favorite places was Succulent Cafe & Trading Company.  We went there for dinner the first night and liked it so much we went back for bunch before we drove home.  We also stocked up on some of their delicious preserves like Sauvignon Blanc Jelly, Dill Pickles, Santa Ynez Sage... Read More

homemade pumpkin applesauce

i’ve been wanting to make my own apple sauce ever since i made those delicious sweet potato latkes and vegan sour cream but ended up using plain old store-bought apple sauce. luckily, when i went home for christmas, my mom gave me my great grandmother’s apple sauce maker.  the thing must be at least 90 years old! i decided to add some pumpkin in with the apples to create a sort of hybrid of pumpkin butter and apple sauce.  it’s... Read More

Persimmon Aat Muffins

Persimmons are so adorable.  They look like tiny little pumpkins, except they are tender and sweet. They have a unique, some would say unpalatable, taste if eaten when not ripe enough, but they are irresistible when baked into treats or dried. They are most definitely in season right now so you can find them at the farmers’ market or even in some grocery stores.   Persimmon Oat Muffins 1 c soy milk 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp almond... Read More