Grapefruit and Mandarin Oranges in Chamomile Jelly

I saw the inspiration for this post on Foodgawker a while back and the idea has since stuck in my head.  I wanted to make the dish with my own twist so I chose chamomile tea instead of white, agar agar as a vegan alternative to gelatin, and a mix of seedless Mandarin oranges with sweet oroblanco grapefruits, which are hardly tart at all. If you struggle as I do with sweet cravings, this is a lovely little snack that helps satisfy.  The flavors... Read More

marmalade cookies for my valentine

it’s probably too late for anyone to actually make these for valentine’s day but i thought i would share what i made for my valentine. a few weeks past i exclaimed that it is the peak of orange season. i also mentioned that i used many of the seedless mandarin oranges i got from the farmer’s market to make orange spice and red wine marmalade for chirstmas – which is rich with flavor from a dash of red wine and spicy from ground... Read More

in season: oranges!

for some reason i always thought that oranges were a summer fruit, but much to my surprise they are at the peak of their season right now!  i haven’t gone this bonkers over a harvest since july when the juicy white donut peaches were like nothing i had ever tasted.  like the peaches, i have been toting home upwards of ten pounds of these seedless mandarin oranges every week.  mostly i enjoy squeezing them into a tall glass of the best orange... Read More