Paleo Salty Chocolate Custard

These little things are amazing.  I can make a big batch of them right in individual mason jars and then I have simple portioned treats for the rest of the week!  It helps that they are so easy to make, just 5 ingredients in the blender, pour and bake, that’s it! The original recipe I followed is called 3, 2, 1 Custard because it contains 3 eggs, 2 bananas and 1 can of coconut milk.  Together they have a banana bread flavor especially with... Read More

toasted sesame sticks

my latest vice is oriental snack mixes.  i could eat a whole bag in one sitting, what with the crispy rice crackers, wasabi peas and – my favorite – the toasty tasting sesame sticks.  i love the stuff so much i decided to try my hand at making them myself. and it’s easier then i thought.  a simple combination of flour, spices, sesame seeds, oil and water, toasted for a few minutes in the oven and enjoyed in copious amounts.  great... Read More

homemade pumpkin applesauce

i’ve been wanting to make my own apple sauce ever since i made those delicious sweet potato latkes and vegan sour cream but ended up using plain old store-bought apple sauce. luckily, when i went home for christmas, my mom gave me my great grandmother’s apple sauce maker.  the thing must be at least 90 years old! i decided to add some pumpkin in with the apples to create a sort of hybrid of pumpkin butter and apple sauce.  it’s... Read More