Farmers’ Market Haul – March 2nd, 2014 – Los Feliz Market

The Los Feliz Sunday Market is one of my favorites.  It’s quiet and small, but still has most everything I need.  I used to live within walking distance but it’s still just a short drive away so I end up there most Sundays.  The only thing they don’t really have is a meat vendor, but in a pinch I can pick up a chicken from La Bahn Ranch where I always get my pasture-raised eggs. Green Veggies These are my go-to side dishes for... Read More

a plethora of organic goodies

baby purple kale i recently got a job at an organic vegetable stand at the echo park farmers’ market (happening every friday).  i work for a great family farm with the most amazing selection of all organic vegetables.  they carry a ton of lettuces and dark leafy greens, turnips, daikon, radishes, beets, green beans, all different types of onions, fresh green garlic, herbs, vine-ripened tomatoes, and much much more. at the end of the day i... Read More

nutritious and delicious mango kale smoothie

i use to work at a smoothie bar, where i learned of the many things you can blend and/or juice into a drink.  you can blend whole lemons and limes, an avocado with the pit and pretty much any green leafy vegetable you can get your hands on. if done right a smoothie can be like enjoying an entire meal through a straw. Read More  Read More

steamed kale salad with curry peanut dressing

i love kale. it’s tasty and good for you. like many dark, green, leafy vegetables it’s high in vitamin A. but because A is a fat soluble vitamin our bodies cannot absorb it if we don’t eat it with some type of fat. that’s why i like to eat my kale in a tasty salad with flax or olive oil. or with any nut will do, especially peanuts. throw some curry in the mix and you’ve got yourself a really kick ass kale salad. Read... Read More