Farmers’ Market Haul – February 16th, 2014 – Atwater Village Market

Going to the farmer’s market is like a ritual for me.  I have gone to a market nearly every week for probably 5 or 6 years now.  I used to work at a few different markets, helping shy farmers sell their gorgeous organic vegetables. That’s actually were I met my boss and mentor for whom I currently work.  I’ve just continually been pulled back, week after week, season after season.  I feel a sense of community at the market,... Read More

farmers’ market find: lemon verbena!

so i actually didn’t find this particular lemon verbena at the farmers’ market, but it is a special treat when i do find it there.  this lemon verbena actually came from my boss’ backyard – though the plant was originally started as a small seedling from the farmers’ market, it had now sprouted into a substantial woody shrub, capable of producing tons of new leaves each week. this herb is a special treat as iced tea... Read More

farmers’ market find: flowering tea!

the market isn’t all about fruits and veggies.  i’ve been talked into buying my weight in hummus, found really great imported olive oil and fair-trade maca, people even give massages at some farmers’ markets.  there are all sorts of artisan vendors, it varies so much from market to market. i worked at the new sunday los feliz farmer’s market a few weeks back, and my stand was set up next to a classmate of mine with a tea... Read More

10 Tips for Enjoying Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomato season is coming to an end, but there are still a few weeks left to enjoy all of the sweet, tangy, fresh and juicy varieties of seasonal heirloom tomatoes.  You can find the freshest picks and most varieties at your local farmers’ markets.  Since I happen to sell tomatoes at a few farmers’ markets, I’m offering up these 10 tips for successfully choosing, moving, storing and serving those unique and delicate veggies.  Hope... Read More

a plethora of organic goodies

baby purple kale i recently got a job at an organic vegetable stand at the echo park farmers’ market (happening every friday).  i work for a great family farm with the most amazing selection of all organic vegetables.  they carry a ton of lettuces and dark leafy greens, turnips, daikon, radishes, beets, green beans, all different types of onions, fresh green garlic, herbs, vine-ripened tomatoes, and much much more. at the end of the day i... Read More

Dragon Fruit Lemonade

I had never seen a fresh dragon fruit before this Saturday when I bought some at the Silver Lake farmers’ market.  I’ve tried the dried slices they sell at Trader Joe’s, but many people haven’t heard of it outside the context of a vitamin water flavor. They are a bit expensive (I got 3 for $10), but worth it for their tropical flavor, crunchy seeds, and beautiful colors.  The man who sold them to me suggested this recipe... Read More

review: san francisco’s ferry plaza farmers’ market

i recently took a long overdue trip up the coast to visit some friends in san francisco.  the weather was beautiful, so we mostly frolicked and ate all sorts of tasty goodies. each day held a new adventure, and on saturday morning that adventure was taking the bus across town to the ferry plaza farmers’ market. Read More  Read More

review: silver lake farmers’ market

i cannot think of any better activity on saturday morning than to hop on my bike and ride over to the silver lake farmers’ market. it’s on the smaller, cozier side, but packed full of anything you would need. Read More  Read More