Farmers’ Market Find: The Amazing Jujube

The jujube is truly a special fruit.  In its fresh form it’s often called a Chinese apple, which you can find in season for only a few months of the year, right about…now.  It starts out as pale green color and turns a golden brown as it ripens, then eventually deep red when it has dried.  The green versions are a little more juicy and the brown are a little more sweet.  The red dried jujubes are very sweet but they become chewy rather... Read More

Farmers’ Market Find: Yellow Watermelon!

Summer is a beautiful time at the market.  People come out of the woodwork for fresh produce like heirloom tomatoes, stone fruit, sweet corn, peppers, and the best watermelon you can get anywhere.  It is so sweet without being over-ripe or mealy, the difference is obvious when you compare side by side with the grocery store variety. The farmers i work for grow a very special variety, their large oval-shaped yellow watermelons!  Some of them get... Read More

farmers’ market find: lemon verbena!

so i actually didn’t find this particular lemon verbena at the farmers’ market, but it is a special treat when i do find it there.  this lemon verbena actually came from my boss’ backyard – though the plant was originally started as a small seedling from the farmers’ market, it had now sprouted into a substantial woody shrub, capable of producing tons of new leaves each week. this herb is a special treat as iced tea... Read More

Lemon Cucumber and Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio

I get so excited when heirloom tomatoes come back in season that I quite audibly squeal.  I don’t know if it’s the short season (about 2 months if we’re lucky,) or the unique taste that can’t be found in conventional tomatoes, but they are the one veggie I dream about all year long. I consider the heirloom tomato to be the darling of the farmers’ market.  Out of all the produce that cycles through the market, it... Read More

chamomile lemonade

have you ever come across fresh chamomile at the farmers’ market?  i love loose chamomile tea but the fresh stuff is even better, just like how fresh mint tea is so much better than the dried version. i found bunches of fresh chamomile at a stand in the hollywood farmers’ market, but with this warm weather i don’t feel like brewing hot tea.  and since i’ve been obsessed with different flavors of lemonade, i instantly thought... Read More

farmers’ market find: flowering tea!

the market isn’t all about fruits and veggies.  i’ve been talked into buying my weight in hummus, found really great imported olive oil and fair-trade maca, people even give massages at some farmers’ markets.  there are all sorts of artisan vendors, it varies so much from market to market. i worked at the new sunday los feliz farmer’s market a few weeks back, and my stand was set up next to a classmate of mine with a tea... Read More

farmers’ market find: sugar cane!

i’ve had fresh sugar cane juice before, but never the cane itself.  it is usually grown in tropical climates, but this week the family i work for at the silver lake farmers’ market brought their first green sugar cane of the season down from fresno, so i decided to take one for a spin. similar in appearance to bamboo, the cane has a thick outer skin that must be cut away with a sharp knife before enjoying the juicy center.  the inside... Read More