My Holistic Cold & Flu Season Routine

It’s the season for getting sick and it seems to be hitting everyone but me.  Friends, family and almost every patient that I treat are complaining of symptoms, from common colds to stomach flus to sinus infections, plus everything in between.  Even when I seem to be interacting with mostly sick people, I don’t get sick myself.  How? Well I have never had a flu shot, I don’t take a multivitamin and I’m not slathering antibacterial... Read More

Nutritional Advice Series: Exercise

I won’t get into detail on exercise, since the focus here is nutrition, but I will say that an active lifestyle is essential for a healthy body.  If your job does not provide much physical activity then you must supplement it at least with light exercise like walking, biking, hiking, swimming or yoga. If you are trying to lose weight then you must include cardio exercise to burn fat.  If you have trouble doing this then it is important to identify... Read More