Long Bean and Heirloom Tomato Summer Salad

This fresh summer salad was inspired by something I had at one of my favorite restaurants, Barbrix.  The original dish was made with green and yellow beans tossed in a light vinaigrette and topped with delicious grilled octopus.  While I don’t usually make octopus at home, their preparation of green beans really inspired me to work them back into my dietary routine.  So when I saw Chinese long beans at the market I knew just what to do with... Read More

Pea tip, Persimmon and Pomegranate Autumn Salad

This is a post I wrote last year right around this time.  I never posted it because my white balance was way off and I was unhappy with how the photos turned out.  But when I stumbled on this recipe recently I remembered how delicious it was and I knew I had to share it anyway. Pea tips are the leaves of either snap or snow pea plants, sometimes called pea tendrils.  They are most often used in stir fry or simply sauteed with garlic or ginger. ... Read More

Purslane and Roasted Corn Salad with a Creamy Dill Dressing

The cool thing about purslane is it’s a succulent!  While most lettuce greens you eat are delicate and thin, this one is thicker, crispy, lemony, and slightly salty.  They are a very different texture than other edible greens.  While it is considered a weed, purslane is the highest source of omega-3 fatty acids amongst leafy vegetables. It can be sautéed, stewed, or used as a substitution for spinach, but it makes an amazing salad because... Read More

super simple spicy hummus dressing

i’ve been on quite the salad kick lately.  it’s just so easy to toss together lettuce, tomatoes, maybe some cucumber or green apple, top with pumpkin or sunflower seeds and finish off with a simple homemade dressing. this recipe has been a big favorite of mine lately – it takes on the flavor and creaminess of the hummus, gets a spice kick from my all-time favorite sauce – sriracha – and only has 4 ingredients so it... Read More

Vegan and Almost Raw Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar dressing can be a tasty and tangy way to spice up nearly any dish, but most versions contain at least one non-vegan ingredient, be it parmesan cheese, milk, anchovies, or even raw eggs.  What most don’t realize is that  the zesty flavor of caesar dressing can be easily achieved without these ingredients, using only some garlic, nutritional yeast, mustard, and tamari sauce. Read More  Read More

steamed kale salad with curry peanut dressing

i love kale. it’s tasty and good for you. like many dark, green, leafy vegetables it’s high in vitamin A. but because A is a fat soluble vitamin our bodies cannot absorb it if we don’t eat it with some type of fat. that’s why i like to eat my kale in a tasty salad with flax or olive oil. or with any nut will do, especially peanuts. throw some curry in the mix and you’ve got yourself a really kick ass kale salad. Read... Read More