sweet pickled carrot and daikon radish

some of my favorite recipes are the ones i gather from the mung farmer i work for.  we nearly always have daikon radish and i have learned to love it raw, in stir-fry and even soup, but i was wondering how she generally uses it.  when i asked my boss, Mai, she told me this super simple recipe that she and her family use for a quick sweet pickle that goes with nearly anything!  just mix equal parts sugar, vinegar and water, pour over thinly sliced... Read More

daikon coleslaw

daikon is a mild japanese radish. for a radish it’s pretty huge–usually at least a foot long and about 3 inches wide–and way less spicy. it almost reminds me of jicama but a tad less sweet. i like to use it in salads, either julienned or shredded, to add a little freshness. it’s especially refreshing in the summer when your taste buds crave something to cool you down. so i whipped up this little dish, and added some seeds... Read More