Chicken Pho with Spaghetti Squash Noodles

I am a total soup fiend, I love it in all its forms and all year long. Blended veggie soups are my go to, I love congee and other porridges, tom ka gai and tortilla soup are obsessions of mine, but pho ranks up there as one of my favorites. Pho has so many complex flavors, some fresh, bright and aromatic, some rich, deep and comforting.  A dish with such complex layers understandably requires a laundry list of ingredients and hours to develop,... Read More

Parmesan Sunchoke Fries with Chimichurri Sauce

Once summer has officially wound down and the fall produce begins to roll into the farmers’ market, I fondly anticipate the sunchoke’s return.  Also known as a jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, or my favorite name, earth apple, this root veggie belongs to the sunflower family.  The roots grow all summer long while the flowers flourish up top, making roots ready for digging up in the fall. They are most similar in taste and texture to a... Read More

Cilantro Lemon Orzo with Toasted Almonds

This is one of those recipes that happened on accident, based on the limited contents of my fridge.  Thankfully, the lemon and cilantro’s bright flavors compliment the hardiness of the whole wheat orzo and toasted almonds in all the right ways.  At first I thought it might be a sort of pasta salad, served cold and perfect for a picnic or packed lunch.  But as I couldn’t resist nibbling on it immediately, I realized it could also... Read More

Fresh Cucumber and Cilantro Dip – Raw, Vegan, and/or Paleo

It’s officially spring.  Increased sunlight and higher temperatures allow for better digestion, so my body is naturally seeking fresh fruits and vegetables to detox from a winter of eating slow cooked stews and starchy sweets. I’ve been searching for simple and refreshing recipes and this one is a definite winner.  The cucumbers, cilantro, and lemon juice give it a light, fresh, cool flavor, while the avocado keeps it creamy. If you... Read More

corn salsa

my parents are really into peppers and spicy food. the theme of my mom’s kitchen is part southwest, part chili peppers. this amounted to me learning how to make stellar salsa at a young age. it’s a pretty simple blend of tomatoes, onion, pepper, garlic, cilantro salt and lime juice that you can tweak to your preference. different tomatoes, beans, green onions, avocado or–as i’ve used here– corn, can customize the classic... Read More