Cranberry Persimmon Chutney

I recently took a short trip up to Solvang for the weekend and found it just lovely.  They have an abundance of good food and wine for such a small town, and one of my favorite places was Succulent Cafe & Trading Company.  We went there for dinner the first night and liked it so much we went back for bunch before we drove home.  We also stocked up on some of their delicious preserves like Sauvignon Blanc Jelly, Dill Pickles, Santa Ynez Sage... Read More

Guava Jelly

I found this recipe from last year and can’t believe I never posted it.  I made it as part of my Christmas gifts and everyone who tried it loved it, so it must have been the flurry of the holidays that distracted me from getting it up here.  There is no better time than now to get started because this is the season of guavas. Last year at this time one of my professors would bring big bags of green guavas to class and pawn them off on all... Read More

Christmas Cinnamon Buns

I was away for the holidays, celebrating in the Boston area with my boyfriend and his family.  I worked up quite a few recipes that are currently on deck to be posted, but since it’s been a busy week back at work and school I’ll appease you for now with these drool-worthy cinnamon buns I made on Christmas morning. I based them on this Cinnamon Swirl Bread I made in the past.  Just cut into pieces after rolling up (I used dental floss... Read More

Brown Sugar and Black Tea Roll-out Cookies

I don’t usually make roll-out cookies because, well, they as just so plain.  But I’ve been seeing so many fun-shaped cookies around the blogs that I started itching to make a batch myself, especially when I was inspired by Smitten Kitchen‘s Nutmeg Maple Butter Cookies.  So I raided my cupboards to find the dregs of a bag of brown sugar and regular organic sugar.  I sat down to stare at them and brainstorm with my cup of tea... Read More


The idea of candying an orange peel had always intimidated me.  I thought it would take too long or that I would need a candy thermometer, which I for some reason have neglected to buy all these years.  At worst I feared it would end up a huge disaster involving burnt peels and hard candy stuck to the inside of my pans.  But the process was surprisingly easy! It’s a great way to use those large, bulky oranges which are usually reserved... Read More

Maple Cookies with Marmalade Glaze

My kitchen activities have been adapting to the cold and windy days lately.  I’ve been making weekly pots of stew, roasting nearly every veggie I eat, sprinkling cinnamon and maple syrup in most dishes, and preserving the glut of citrus I’ve happened upon in the form of marmalades and candied peels.  It takes a bit more time, but when it’s dark and cold outside I don’t mind snuggling up to my nice warm stove, eagerly awaiting... Read More

christmas cookies: ginger snaps

we are in the holiday home stretch!  and while christmas baking it truly meant for, well, christmas, it can be liberally extended to new year’s day ( just like keeping your tree up).  so get all of those purely-decadent-and-much-too-sweet-for-the-rest-of-the-year recipes in now while you still can! here at sweet beet & green bean i’ve been celebrating with a whole month of vegan christmas cookies, including russian tea cakes, thumbprint... Read More

christmas cookies: chocolate candy cane chews

nothing says christmas like candy canes.  and nothing goes with candy canes quite as well as chocolate.  just think of twirling a candy cane in a hot mug of cocoa. to make these treats you’ll just need a little peppermint extract, some cocoa powder and a food processor to grind up the candy canes.  the result is delicious chewy chocolate cookie surrounded by a crunchy candy cane shell. Read More  Read More

christmas cookies: thumbprint cookies

these thumbprint cookies are of the festive variety and perfect for the christmas season.  the chopped nuts make them hardy and the jelly gives them a nice fruity touch, not to mention a dash of color. they are great with a tall glass of soy milk and make the perfect addition to any holiday party. Read More  Read More

christmas cookies: russian tea cakes

while some people consider two weeks before thanksgiving an appropriate time to start christmas celebrations, i find the beginning of december a much more suitable start to the holiday season. and to me, that means christmas cookies. when i think of christmas cookies it’s not just gingerbread men that come to mind.  i have dozens of tasty treats that vividly convey christmas to my taste buds.  in the next few weeks i will be sharing some... Read More