Vegan Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cardamom Infused Frosting

This recipe started as a far cry from what it ended up as.  It began with a gingerbread persimmon upside-down cake that was a true disaster.  All the persimmons stuck to the pan, the cake wasn’t sweet or moist enough, and most of all it had no chocolate!  But 4 or 5 tries later and the result is an amazingly fluffy and moist squad of cupcakes with little chocolate chips tucked inside of them. To top them off is a recipe I’ve been playing... Read More

the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie

i picked up a few useful tips as to making a good cookie from years of reading my mom’s betty crocker cookbooks. there are little tricks you learn to maintain ideal consistency, and getting the timing just right takes practice. but of course a great recipe is key. my favorite is the urban legend cookie, and it is superb! truly the ideal chocolate chip cookie. i think it’s because it uses part oat flour, which gives the cookie a chewy... Read More