Brussel Sprouts, Bacon and Coconut

This is the kind of side I would make for a simple weeknight meal or as part of a special dinner party.  It’s simple and easy to make yet has great texture and developed flavors. Bacon goes so well with most green vegetables and I also love the pairing of coconut and brussel sprouts.  If I don’t cook my brussel sprouts up in bacon fat, like I did here, then I usually fry them in coconut oil.  So to get that coconut flavor in there,... Read More

savory brussel sprouts

i don’t understand why brussel sprouts get such a bad rap.  if cooked right they can be just as delicious as any other green veggie, all you need to do is steam them a little to soften them up and then sauté away with your favorite flavors. to me, lemon is a requirement when cooking brussel sprouts.  pepper always goes well with lemon and of course i like to put garlic in just about anything i can.  when sautéed, these little sprouts... Read More