Nutritional Advice Series: Choose Your Food Wisely – Vitamins/Minerals

    Vitamins and minerals are substances contained in food that our bodies need to function properly, but in relatively small amounts compared to the components we have already discussed.  Vitamins were only discovered in the past 100 years when they were chemically synthesized. Now that they are readily created in labs many people seem to think vitamin supplementation is necessary for proper nutrition.  But those artificially made vitamins... Read More

Blood Orange Sorbet

Blood oranges have been so tasty this year and I’ve had plenty around thanks to Sweet Tree Farms.  I have been trying them out in lots of different recipes, like my Blood Orange Mimosas, Natural Blood Orange Soda, and Blood Orange and Poppy Seed Spelt Muffins, but I knew I had to try this recipe when I spotted it here.  I made it to accompany the Flourless Chocolate Cake I posted earlier in the week, and they paired fabulously. This... Read More

Parsnip Muffins and Blood Orange Mimosas

I rarely follow recipes word for word.  I’ve been toying around with the proportions in this Whole Wheat Apple Muffin recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but with everything except apples.  I tried them with blueberries, pear, and now, shredded parsnip.  I got the idea for from a very gingery parsnip cupcake I had at Four Cafe.  I bulked up these muffins with some extra ground flax seed, as well as fresh and ground ginger. I made them with some... Read More

Natural Blood Orange Soda

I used to be a big soda fiend when I was a kid.  When I got older and learned how terrible the stuff is for you, I tried to just give it up all together.  Occasionally I would have a root beer or coke made with cane sugar, but it become a real treat for me. Then a few months ago I started drinking sparkling mineral water.  It gives the same fizzy sensation that we all love so much, but without any added sugar.  Sometimes I add a little... Read More

blood orange and poppy seed spelt muffins

i haven’t been able to make it out to the farmers’ market much lately, but this weekend when i arrived at the one in silver lake i was greeted by bushels of beautiful blood oranges.  i thought to myself, “what better way to use these blood oranges than with one of citrus’ best friends, poppy seeds? and where do poppy seeds feel more at home than in a wholesome muffin?” after trying my hand at all-oat crackers, i am... Read More