Chicken Liver Pâté

My farmers’ market source for pasture-raised chicken products is La Bahn Ranch.  Typically I get a few dozen eggs and a whole chicken, but being such a fan of liver pâté I’ve been dying to try it out.  Thanksgiving proved to be the perfect excuse so I finally took the plunge and bought a pound of chicken livers for a whopping $2! I had heard recipes for liver pâté are fairly simple and the one I found was just that.  All I... Read More

Savory Hand Pies – with Leek, Apple and Sheep’s Cheese

I’ve been wanting to make a pie lately, perhaps in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  But I’ve been craving the savory variety and wanting them small enough to be hand-held.  I had two large leeks I knew I wanted to use and my instinct was to mix them with some type of strongly flavored cheese, which ended up being kashkaval, a hard sheep’s milk cheese I got at the Armenian market near my house, but you could easily substitute a... Read More

Stuffed Mushrooms – with Pesto, Farmer’s Cheese and Broccoli

Stuffed mushrooms are such a simple thing, yet strangely enough I don’t think I have ever made them myself.  I have enjoyed other people’s versions, with spinach and garlic, brown rice or bread crumbs, stuffed with goat cheese, cheddar, or gruyere.  There are so many ways they can be served it’s hard to go wrong! I scored a glut of mushrooms from the Armenian market down the street today, I think because they will be closed... Read More

Sesame-Fried Shishito Peppers

Like the daikon radish or momotaro tomatoes, shishito peppers are special japanese treats that, lucky for us, are easily grown in California.  And lucky for me, the local japanese family farm I work for carries them. Most of these miniature peppers are very mild, almost like a bell pepper with just the tiniest bite of spice that is not at all hot.  One in every 20 or so might be spicier, but cooking helps reduce the heat of the pepper. There... Read More

mushroom walnut pâté

mushrooms were super cheap at the market recently, which can mean only one thing – they are slightly old and have to be used fast.  i bought three or four containers so i had to think up a way to use a lot of mushrooms in one simple recipe. by frying them up in a little oil and blending them with some tofu and walnuts i was able to make a large amount of tasty spread that i could use for days to come.  they were good on tiny toastettes and... Read More

lentil and sweet potato sushi

when people find out that i don’t eat meat, i’ve often been asked “even fish?” and my response is always “especially fish.” with overfishing one of the biggest threats to the environment, mercury levels through the roof, not to mention that crunch of tiny bone you occasionally get in your tuna fish sandwich, i don’t see any reasons why i should eat fish at all. though, i must say i miss sushi. if done right... Read More