salty caramel dipping sauce

i remember fondly the trips to the grocery store when my mother let me get that ooey gooey caramel sauce they stack next to the apples in the produce section.  if you eat it on fruit it must be healthy…right?  not in the copious amounts i managed to wrap around a tiny wedge of apple. […]


apricot scones

i don’t understand why it’s considered normal to eat super sweet food first thing in the morning.  if i wake up and eat a blueberry muffin my blood sugar will be bouncing up and down all day, let alone pancakes or waffles stacked high and drizzled in syrup.  that’s why i usually look to the […]

apricot scones

chocolate pluot cupcakes

i’ve been baking vegan treats for at least 2 or 3 years now and i can safely say that i’ve got the cookie down.  there are so many cookie recipes already that leave out eggs or substitute oil for butter, that a vegan cookie recipe is easy to come by and hard to screw up. […]


lemon lavender cookies

when i first had the idea for this recipe i wanted to call it a lavenderdoodle.  i was inspired by the simplicity of snickerdoodles – basically a sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar – so i wanted to make a version with lavender instead. but the final result ended up much more subtle, not resembling […]


vegan cranberry jello

it’s a shame not being able to eat things like marshmallows, gummi bears, or jello when you are out and about as they contain gelatin.  the good news is it’s easy to replace gelatin with agar agar, a seaweed-based gelling agent.  i picked some up at my local health food bulk bin and while it’s […]


cinnamon swirl bread

i first learned how to make my own bread when i worked in an italian restaurant in portland.  i would make pizza dough fresh every morning so it had plenty of time to rise before we topped it with sauce, cheese, and toppings and popped it in the oven for lunch time. sure it takes […]

cinnamon swirl bread

chocolate peanut butter fudge

as part of my chocolate kick i’ve been experimenting with a lot of types of vegan fudge.  it’s really quite simple to vegan-ize fudge as long as you have both a dairy-free butter/margarine substitute and a dairy-free chocolate.  all it takes some light melting, sifting and stirring to create a sweet concoction no one would […]


maca cinnamon truffles for valentine’s day

when i think valentines day, i think chocolate.  it’s inevitable.  if you have someone to share the day with you spend it feeding each other decadent chocolate treats all day. if you don’t you try to forget by treating yourself with as much chocolate as you can possibly eat. ever since my local grocery store […]


fried banana wontons

a few months ago i posted about using wonton wrappers to make chik’n and mushroom wontons, and since then i have been experimenting with all their possibilities.  i’ve tried little veggie spring rolls, pumpkin potstickers, mini apple pie wontons, and now, the simpilest of all, fried banana wontons. there’s very little prep work to make […]


pistachio cranberry biscotti

in italian, biscotti just means cookies – any type.  biscotti could be bite sized or as big as your head, flat or thick, crunchy or chewy, round or cut into shapes.  in the u.s., we have somehow adopted the word biscotti to mean a specific tuscan treat – a fairly basic cookie dough baked as […]


brownie waffles

cafe 101 in hollywood serves a brownie waffle sundae, which inspired this recipe.  before i was vegan, my friend tom and i would drive out to hollywood in the middle of the night just to share a fresh-off-the-iron brownie waffle topped with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. now that i […]


christmas cookies: ginger snaps

we are in the holiday home stretch!  and while christmas baking it truly meant for, well, christmas, it can be liberally extended to new year’s day ( just like keeping your tree up).  so get all of those purely-decadent-and-much-too-sweet-for-the-rest-of-the-year recipes in now while you still can! here at sweet beet & green bean i’ve been […]


christmas cookies: chocolate candy cane chews

nothing says christmas like candy canes.  and nothing goes with candy canes quite as well as chocolate.  just think of twirling a candy cane in a hot mug of cocoa. to make these treats you’ll just need a little peppermint extract, some cocoa powder and a food processor to grind up the candy canes.  the […]


gooey pumpkin cranberry bread

when i think of pumpkin cranberry bread i think of a christmas party i threw 3 years ago – it involved a chirstmas tree, christmas music and a full spread of seasonal treats.  probably one of the most popular items on the menu was pumpkin cranberry bread. 3 years on, i’m going back to that […]

pumpkin cranberry bread

christmas cookies: thumbprint cookies

these thumbprint cookies are of the festive variety and perfect for the christmas season.  the chopped nuts make them hardy and the jelly gives them a nice fruity touch, not to mention a dash of color. they are great with a tall glass of soy milk and make the perfect addition to any holiday party.