2017 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

If you’re trying to eat organic then you may be surprised to know you don’t always have to. Every year the Environmental Working Group tests a wide variety of conventionally grown (non-organic) produce for levels of pesticides and publish their findings in two easy-to-understand lists: the Dirty Dozen (highest levels of pesticides) and Clean Fifteen (lowest […]

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How to Make a Chrysanthemum Compress

Known as Ju Hua in Chinese, chrysanthemum is one of my favorite herbs.  It is a yellow or white flower that is similar to chamomile, in fact they are in the same family. Drinking chrysanthemum tea has several benefits and, as I explain above, the flowers can be used as a compress as well. Owing to antimicrobial […]

How to make a chrysanthemum compress, chrysanthemum, herbs, compress, poultice, topical herbs, chinese herbs, herbal medicine

Anti-inflammatory vs. Pro-inflammatory Foods

I treat pain all the time with acupuncture and herbs and it generally responds very well.  When I have a particularly tough case, however, I ask my patient, “are you aware of the connection between diet, inflammation and pain?”  And the answers I get probably won’t surprise you.  The majority of people are totally misinformed about […]

Foraging Hike Through Elysian Park with Joel Robinson

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a guided foraging hike through Elysian Park, led by Joel Robinson from Naturalist For You and hosted by the good folks at the Hive House. While I already considered myself fairly savvy at neighborhood foraging, having harvested figs, lemons, loquats, kumquats, dandelions, nasturtiums, and several different herbs from […]

When to buy organic? Know your Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

For those of you who try to eat organic as much as possible, would you be surprised if I said you don’t always have to? Every year the Environmental Working Group tests a wide variety of conventionally grown (non-organic) produce for levels of pesticides.  They publish their findings in a Shopper’s Guide as well as […]

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen: When to buy organic?

Vitamin D Deficiency: Are You Part of the Pandemic?

I don’t usually like to foster fear about health but the fact that vitamin D deficiency is now being considered an pandemic really concerns me because it has been linked to higher incidences of some serious illnesses, things like cardiovascular disease, bone deformations, cognitive decline and even cancer.  It’s been estimated that upwards of 30-50% […]

Vitamin D Deficiency: are you part of the pandemic?

My Holistic Cold & Flu Season Routine

It’s the season for getting sick and it seems to be hitting everyone but me.  Friends, family and almost every patient that I treat are complaining of symptoms, from common colds to stomach flus to sinus infections, plus everything in between.  Even when I seem to be interacting with mostly sick people, I don’t get […]

My Holistic Cold & Flu Season Routine

5 of the Biggest Nutrition Myths

I think nutrition should be a simple thing, eat good food and live well because of it.  So it truly is a shame that there is so much confusion surrounding what we eat.  In this era of over-thinking it is more important than ever that we let go of the outdated notions that no longer […]

5 of the biggest nutrition myths

Dietary Advice from a Licensed Acupuncturist

You may have read my PIVOT Nutrition Advice series, but for those looking for a more simple way to understand the dietary advice an Acupuncturist would give you, I’ve made this simple graphic.  These are the sort of things I tell my patients each day, but condensed down to be a bit more digestible.  Chinese […]

Dietary Advice from an Acupuncturist

Nutritional Advice Series: Exercise

I won’t get into detail on exercise, since the focus here is nutrition, but I will say that an active lifestyle is essential for a healthy body.  If your job does not provide much physical activity then you must supplement it at least with light exercise like walking, biking, hiking, swimming or yoga. If you […]

Nutritional Advice Series: Choose Your Food Wisely – Beverages

When we pay close attention to our nutrition, wellness and weight control, beverages are just as important as the food we are eating.  They can quickly add up to become a large percentage of a person’s daily intake of sugar, sodium or calories without much thought at all.  As with nearly every other aspect of […]

Choose Your Food Wisely - Beverages

Nutritional Advice Series: Choose Your Food Wisely – Fiber

Fiber is a complex starch molecule which we do not digest.  It is plentiful in plants, so a properly balanced diet should contain plenty.  It helps move food through our digestive tract to keep us having regular bowel movements and getting plenty of it daily helps to fill us up faster, prevent spikes in blood […]

Nutritional Advice Series: Choose Your Food Wisely – Fats/Oils

    Fats and oils have gotten a bad reputation in the past few decades of fat-free fad dieting, but good fats are actually extremely important to a healthy body, especially our skin and digestive system.  Switching out good fats for unhealthy ones can be key to proper weight management. Many of the vitamins our […]

Healthy Oils - Egg

Nutritional Advice Series: Balance is the Root of Wellness

Chinese Medicine associates health with living in balance, with few extremes.  This will mean different things for different people depending on their constitution, environment, medical history, allergies and sensitivities. But whatever lifestyle and diet you build for yourself, I suggest you find something you really feel like you can live with.  Crash diets don’t often […]