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Hi!  I’m Jacqueline, an acupuncturist, herbalist, and holistic fertility coach in Los Angeles. I started this site to share with the world my obsession with real food, and I’m amazed every day by the response. I am a cheerleader for traditional diets and holistic lifestyles, but I also believe that sometimes a piece of cake can be good for the soul.

Raised in San Diego, I am the child of chemists who got me thinking early on about medicine, health and biochemistry. I grew up working odd jobs in their hand-built lab and conducting science experiments at the dining room table.

After high school I moved to Los Angeles and attended USC where I earned my Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences.  Even though I took all the pre-med classes I needed to go to medical school, I knew that was not my path to follow. I opted for Chinese medical school, where I earned my Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine and shortly after was board certified to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine.

I am so, so lucky to have the career that I do, a long day at work leaves me feeling fulfilled rather than exhausted. I love helping people and promoting a balanced, holistic lifestyle. My practice, Sweet Beet Acupuncture is located in Atwater Village in Los Angeles and I specialize in women’s reproductive health, though I treat all sorts of conditions through acupuncture, herbs and nutrition.  Especially digestive disorders, anxiety, insomnia and pain.

Because I treat with acupuncture and herbal medicine, which are ancient healing methods proven to work over the course of thousands of years, I believe that when it comes to diet and nutrition, we already know most of what works. It is the food that our ancestors have been eating for countless generations, foods such as local organic produce, grassfed meat and raw dairy, freshly caught fish and seafood, organ meats, local bee products, and bone broth. I believe that a real food diet is the answer to health, rather than bombarding our bodies with medications and supplements that humans only started using in the past few decades.

While I now mainly focus on a real food/whole food diet that definitely includes animal products, I started this blog when I was a vegan.  Older posts may include information or ingredients I no longer agree with. I keep these posts up for 2 reasons: many people still enjoy some of those recipes and because I completely appreciate the years I went meat-free because it was what I needed to get more vegetables into my diet and to educate myself about the food I was feeding myself. It was what I needed at the time, just not indefinitely.



I shoot with a Nikon D50Tokina 11-16mm Pro DX II Digital Zoom Lens and Nikon AF Micro-NIKKOR 60mm.



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This licensing is done in hopes that recipes may be consumed in the digital age as they have been for eons – by passing them on, adding and subtracting from them, changing ingredients around and ultimately making new and exciting recipes of your own.  I want these recipes to be useful for you and want to encourage you to share anything and everything you may do with them!

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