Guava Jelly

I found this recipe from last year and can’t believe I never posted it.  I made it as part of my Christmas gifts and everyone who tried it loved it, so it must have been the flurry of the holidays that distracted me from getting it up here.  There is no better time than now to get started because this is the season of guavas.

Last year at this time one of my professors would bring big bags of green guavas to class and pawn them off on all of his students.  His guava tree at home was producing too many for him and his family to handle. I had never had them before so I tried a few the way he suggested, fresh sliced firm guava sprinkled with a bit of salt and chili, but I didn’t care for the crunchy texture so I respectfully declined many of the offers to take more home.

After a few weeks of these deliveries my classmates couldn’t handle many more, and convinced me to take the last few pounds of the season home with me.  I set into brainstorming recipes for these little guys and could only think of guava jelly.  I followed this simple recipe and was convinced I had made it wrong because the end product was still liquid and hadn’t thickened at all.  But once I let the mixture cool, it turned a beautiful amber color and thickened perfectly.  I wish I had made more!


Guava Jelly
Ripe Guavas
Lemon Juice

Rinse your guavas first, then chop them all up coarsely, leaving the seeds and skin. Pile them into a pot and cover with water (measure how much water you are adding.)  For every 1 cup of water you use, add 1 cup of sugar and 1 tbsp of lemon juice.  I used organic sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Cover and cook until the guavas are soft and falling apart, which shouldn’t take more than a half and hour.

Let cool and strain out the pulp with a straining bag, cheesecloth or fine strainer.  Lightly work the liquid out or let it drain, but do not squeeze it forcefully, you don’t want any pulp in the final product.

Jar up the liquid and left cool until thickened.  Store in the fridge and enjoy this holiday season!

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