farmers’ market find: lemon verbena!

so i actually didn’t find this particular lemon verbena at the farmers’ market, but it is a special treat when i do find it there.  this lemon verbena actually came from my boss’ backyard – though the plant was originally started as a small seedling from the farmers’ market, it had now sprouted into a substantial woody shrub, capable of producing tons of new leaves each week.

this herb is a special treat as iced tea in the summertime.  it’s similar to a lemon-flavored basil, but the leaves are much thicker so i find it’s not as good for mincing to sprinkle on top of salads, i prefer to steep it instead.  the tea is really lovely sweetened with honey and chilled.  i used a french press to steep them because it makes it easy to strain out the leaves.

the tea also makes a nice base for a summer cocktail, with some type of clear liquor and perhaps a touch of sparkling water.  try it for yourself!


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Yum Jacqueline! I like the cocktail idea 😉


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