a plethora of organic goodies

baby purple kale

i recently got a job at an organic vegetable stand at the echo park farmers’ market (happening every friday).  i work for a great family farm with the most amazing selection of all organic vegetables.  they carry a ton of lettuces and dark leafy greens, turnips, daikon, radishes, beets, green beans, all different types of onions, fresh green garlic, herbs, vine-ripened tomatoes, and much much more.

at the end of the day i get to take home whatever i want, so i’ve had the opportunity to bring home some really amazing things and thought it was about time i shared a bit to hold you over while i think up ways to use all this goodness in upcoming recipes.

fresh chamomile

fresh mint

vine-ripened tomatoes



5 Responses to “a plethora of organic goodies”
  1. CamB says:

    you’re the luckiest!

  2. Melisser says:

    WOW, I think I would love to have a crack at organic goodies to take home. I can’t wait to see the dishes you make in the future.

  3. Hannah says:

    Such beautiful produce… Now that’s a job I’d love, along with the benefits!

  4. Caitlin Dent says:

    That kale is bea-u-ti-ful! Silvery soft, I want to pet it.

    And actually, ALL of your pictures are really well done. Props to the photo taker!

  5. Monica Shaw says:

    Mmm, I can’t wait to see what you do with the kale and leek – two of my favorite veggies.

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